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Neutral Presentation Of Christianity

Posted in christianity, conversation, culture, links, religion by amoslanka on October 6, 2008

Bradley R. E. Wright had a great small article on his blog about the tendency in academia to remain biased against Christianity as a religion, even in situations where objectivity is blatantly being destroyed. I of course had no problem noticing the trend back when I was in college, but had no clear way to articulate or address the issue then.

My comment in reply to Bradley’s blog was to mention that “Academia’s best course is objectivity, allowing listeners/viewers to decide for themselves. The sort of psuedo-academic issues (I say psuedo because it seems that academic would rely on objectivity) have for so long been mixed up with personal opinions that it seems much of academia has forgotten what objectivity is.”

I’m rather of the opinion that this is among the many indicators of the individualization of our culture.

I thought it a good idea to bring this conversation here to my blog, but please check out Bradley’s blog, its littered with excellent observations and true objectivity.


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