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Feels Like An Old Home

Posted in life by amoslanka on December 17, 2008

Hood River, in its one big snow storm of the year, is feeling ridiculously like Colorado. Cold, dry snow and relentlessly low temperatures. The only difference is that here, noone knows how to drive in snow, and so they just shut down half the streets.


The weather this week has been particularly inconvenient with all I’m trying to get done before I head back to the midwest for Christmas. The funnest part, though was the 50 degree office temperatures that welcomed us to work on Monday morning. 


FYI, using a computer is much easier when you’re not wearing gloves. 

I’ve also been moving my stuff to my new place in Portland, and wanted to get it done in the little time I have available between work hours and blizzards. Somehow in the past two years, I always find the perfect moments to move, and by perfect I mean, during blizzards. I’m kind of a sap sometimes, so I couldn’t help but think of my mom who helped me move to Oregon last year in the midst of a nation-wide snowstorm. We ended up driving the truck way out of the way north through Montana just to get through the mountains, and yesterdays venture in a U-Haul really brought back the memories.



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