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On Localism

Posted in philosophy, politics, quotes by amoslanka on February 6, 2009

Localism stands against globalism, which isn’t to say that it is not concerned over the plight of other peoples. Rather, localism makes the case that globalism is actually one of the great oppressive forces in the modern world.

Positively defined, localism prioritizes community rather than growth.

Localism is skeptical of the Babelesque goals of globalism.

Loved Davey Henreckson’s bullet-point-oriented rundown of the objective value of localism. That is, not the selfish and protectionist stereotyped projection of localism. I particularly noticed his final point, a reference to Babel. I’m a fan of the imagery (at its very least) and Parker can attest to my over-use of the analogy. Read the article here. Bravo, Davey.


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