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Its The Economy, Stupid

Posted in community, culture, economics, politics, quotes by amoslanka on March 12, 2009

From the song, Its the Economy, Stupid, by John McCutcheon. (via) Please check out the music, there’s much more to it.

The economy now has no borders
Or horizons
Or faces
Or hands
The economy has only one rule:

And the economy lies.
The economy tells us it is about Freedom.
The economy is about Dependence.
Not on land
Or animals
Or weather
Or neighbors
On machinery
And fuel
And credit.
Most farmers
Have borrowed their way
Right out of farming.
No government loan
No government program
Will change
That cycle.
Because the government
Is powerless now, see…
It’s the economy, stupid

And the government is the economy’s
Biggest cheerleader.
It plays by the same rules:
The quick fix
The stronger army
The bigger bomb
The dependence on machinery
To do work
That can only effectively be done
By humans.
It consolidates
When diversity is required.



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  1. Brittany said, on March 13, 2009 at 8:07 am

    this is so cool. did you read ‘poverty of imagination’ by kunstler? i just spent the better part of the morning pouring over his articles and this one sparked a rather inarticulate (who can aritulate after reading HIM?) rant blog.

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