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Posted in links, politics by amoslanka on March 13, 2009

I’ve been finding more peace lately in listening rather than talking. Reading, rather than writing. On that account, I’d like to offer up as regularly as I can, the thises and thats that I’ve found worth reading, whether I would agree with them or not. I would hope in this interval of mine of having fewer words to voice that anyone out there who regularly follows this blog will find these to be worth reading, and worth conversing.

Also, I’m tired of posting links only on facebook. Perhaps this will be less of a new thing, and more of a reorganized attempt and (vocalized) desire to share.

So here’s the first:

Empire Rebranded – by Nonviolent Jesus

The Illusion of Change – by Nonviolent Jesus

The folks at Nonviolent Jesus have posted occasionally in the past on the illusion offered up by the politics, particularly when popular preference can be wrangled. “The gushing enthusiasm over Obama has been manufactured in order to evoke the illusion of change.”

This article is a continuation of that tone and continues on into the true essence of rebranding: same thing, new appearance. The folks at Nonviolent Jesus have an angle on the political atmosphere and an ability to express the angle in ways I’ve seen unmatched. “The role of the Democratic party in the U.S. has always been to act as a lightning rod for social discontent.” Furthermore, they accurately rein in the likely true nature of the new administration, reminding me of Chomsky’s words that there are not two political parties in this country, but two factions of the same: the Business Party.

Recognizing the fog is one thing, finding a way through it is another. Nonviolent Jesus has that, I hope you enjoy the article(s).


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