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Worth Reading 2: No Wealth But Life

Posted in community, culture, life, links, philosophy by amoslanka on March 23, 2009

Bankers and profiteers and freeloaders and sturdy beggars and political graftsmen of all sorts, with alphabet soup pedigrees billowing out after their names like exhaust, have pillaged and plundered their way through our national trust—that trust of capital reserve in human character, topsoil, small towns, natural resources, family farms, sound money, freedom from foreign entanglement, and liberty, the greatest trust of all.

Front Porch Republic, “No Wealth but Life”

I would note that its a fine bit of idealism to cheer for the little man and those who honestly parallel his interests, no matter how supposedly efficient or qualified the elitist may be. That is where we turn, however, time and again. 

To place fabrications and the worship of efficiency at the forefront of our endeavors is to gloss over the life that matters most first. Life is not efficiency, leisure, riches, power, the public, or any of that other trash that clutters minds. Life is intimacy. With friends, with family, with the land, with community, with freedom, with God. 

Such an idealism is not only highly touted by Jesus himself but seems apparently plain the closer I look. We perhaps wrongly assume that the value a man contributes to his community is his efficiency and his production value purely for its own sake. The wealth that is usually sought, however, seems of the rather self-indulgent vein. A community embracing idealism over efficiency is a community trusting true wealth. The point is not the achievement of pure idealism but the slight shift and the transformation of minds.


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