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Mt. Kilhauea

Posted in photography, travel by amoslanka on May 27, 2009

I consider our pitch dark attempts to get lava pictures of Mt. Kilhauea rather pitiful in comparison to Blaine’s photos that he hasn’t even posted yet. Trust me, just wait, they’ll make you wet your pants, and I’ll try and remember to link to his post when he finally does. Here’s one of the few he posted and it doesn’t even compare.

So anyway, a couple days into my Hawaii trip last month when I finally made it over to the big island, the Frangers and I made the most of the single day I was there and stopped by to snap some long exposures in the freezing cold of the mountaintops. (Yes, freezing cold in Hawaii) This shot was about a 30 second exposure, ISO 3200, the best I could do without a remote trigger. Man was it dark outside, but it sure produced an erie glow that we could just see enough of to orient a zoom lens one from about a mile away.

Mt. Kilhauea


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