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The Allium

Posted in friends, life, portland by amoslanka on June 12, 2009

I thought perhaps I should post this since I mentioned it in my previous post.

What happened was that my friends Ryan and Holly and their son Pax had planted a single Allium flower next to the sidewalk at their house and Pax would run out an get excited to see the flower every time they came out the front door. Some time last week, someone cut off the flower and stole it, leaving Holly with the task of explaining to her two year old what happened to the flower – now every time they went outside. Holly left a note describing this, hoping the theif would see the note on their next trip past the house, and at its very least understand the implications of their actions.

So a couple days ago, there appeared another Allium plant, in a pot, on the doorstep. Its impossible to tell whether it was put there by a guilty-feeling thief or an empathetic neighbor, but Pax quickly regained his love and excitement for the flower as they planted it in the yard, replacing the old one. See Holly’s blog about it here. I hope she doesn’t mind me telling the story.

Daniel, who is staying with me for a while in Ryan and Holly’s basement, and I were about as excited and happy to see Pax so happy perhaps as he and his parents were. It was a beautiful day in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

This is Pax hugging his gifted flower:


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  1. Brittany said, on June 18, 2009 at 8:34 am

    this is a great story. it’s difficult to teeter on the line of protection and honesty with little ones. ryan and holly sound like wonderful parents. and i’m glad to see pax reunited with his bloom.

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