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2. May 9th. Sunday.

Posted in life, photography, travel by amoslanka on May 9, 2010


I don’t know if anyone even likes the movie Marley ad Me. Except our moms. I guess the people on this plane are on average more mom-ish than we. They were showing this movie on a long flight I was on over a year ago. Aren’t they exhausted yet?

We’re flying north over Greenland, Iceland, and Sweden. It seems we’re so far north and we’re so close to Summer Solstice that the skyline is a perpetual sunset. At least the colors have remained for the duration of this trip.

Can’t tell what time it is. Middle of the night ish. We’ll arrive in Rome at about 9am but that means something more like 2am in Central time. Obviously we have no phones and neither of us wear a watch. Thats another thing to acquire on arrival: a watch.

Laura is reading a book our friends lent us about two people who, in 1982, drove a VW van from Paris to Marseilles stopping for a night at every other rest stop they came to and wrote a book about the trip afterwards. She often informs me that she’s getting a VW van. I believe her.

For this trip, I’ve started reading Gibran’s A Tear and a Smile. So far so brilliant.

30 minutes later…

We just caught glimpses of the mountains peaking out from the cloud cover over Greenland. My Goodness…


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