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4. May 13th. Thursday.

Posted in life, photography, travel by amoslanka on May 13, 2010


Craig and Lora Burnett‘s flat is in the 15th arrondissement of Paris on the 6th floor of a classic 7 story Parisian which Craig informs me comes from the approximate era of the 1850’s. About the time Napoleon III decided to knock down one of the lower-income neighborhoods in order to build up housing with a more consistent appearance. The 6th floor flats in these buildings have balconies that wrap around and connect separate doors while most other flats have small individual balconies at best.

Our immediate notion on arriving in Paris was that it was so much easier than Rome. Our second notion was that Paris is much more expensive than Rome. A cappuccino in Rome at a small shop may cost €1,50, and in Paris it is more like €4.

We were rushed onto a metro right away when the train from Rome arrived by our new friend who we shared a cabin with, Pauline. Pauline lives in Orleans but drew some recommendations on our map of Paris and felt it was necessary to get us on the subway as quickly as possible.

We exited the metro at Dupliex Station well after Pauline got off at her stop and our fist order of business was finding Craig and Lora at Rue de Alençon. That was actually quite easy and at their house we also met Twig, their nine year old chihuahua with only one tooth. Twig and I were instant friends.

Laura and I spent the first afternoon in Paris on a walk in the general direction of the Seine looking for shoes to buy and other general novelties. Paris is much more shopping-oriented and the style of buildings seemed almost monotonous even on the first day. We did come upon several monuments and cathedrals and spent an hour or two in a small café where we had what will surely be the first of many Nutella crépes.

Craig and Lora offered to make us dinner that evening so we soon made our way back to their flat. Laura was instantly in love with the salad and baguette slices with chevre that Craig had prepared and is now compiling a list of meals we’ve had in Europe to recreate and share with friends when we get back home. We may or may not have had three bottles of wine between the four of us, depending on who you ask, and I was quite content when finally going to bed.


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  1. subversivechurch said, on May 18, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    Loving the stories and the photos. I’ve been sharing with my kids, they love it as well. Keep enjoying and keep posting!

    – mike

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