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Poudre River Canyon, Colorado
September 7, 2009


A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

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Hasselblad 500c/m
Cannon Beach, Oregon, March 2009

Musical Kettle

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This makes me happy.


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In Spite Of An Angry Ocean

Posted in art, photography, portland by amoslanka on March 28, 2009

We drove to the coast again this weekend, this time to see the whale migration, but were disappointed to find that it was too windy, foggy, and rainy to see anything. The nice gentleman at the coast informed us, however, that only some are migrating right now. We’ll be able to see them all summer long apparently, as long as we pick a day to travel when the ocean isn’t angry and taking it out on whoever comes to see whales.

So since the whale trip was spoiled, we made the most of the afternoon. I took these shots when I arrived back in Portland. I’ll have more to share in a few days.

Portland Rain

Portland Rain

San Francisco, October 2007

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I’m feeling a bit like Where The Wild Things Are today. Even though, yes, I know, they are not in San Francisco. At least not in the conventional sense.

Back To Film

Posted in art, life, medium format, people, photography by amoslanka on March 27, 2009

I’ve lately taken more of a dive back into film. I of course first got into photography doing film, not digital, and have over the last six months determined to find more simplicity. Also, acquiring a new camera (or two) was a bit of an encouragement in tandem. I’ve posted some additionals on my Flickr, do check them out. Or if you prefer the brevity, here are a few of my favorites from this winter:

Evan Young


Where The Wild Things Are

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I wish it were fall already. Lucas said it best: “They had me at the poster..”


Andrew Pearce

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Andrew Pearce does some phenomenal work, and the dude is younger than 20. I’m inspired.

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15-C Smoke Lounge, Colorado Springs

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Portland, OR, 11.26.09