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Laura Dart + Mt. Hood

Posted in 35mm, friends, outdoors, photography by amoslanka on October 13, 2010

Laura Dart / Mt. Hood

Canon AE-1 35mm
Kodak Portra 400nc

Laura and I hooked up with Tom Lehman & Co. for some outdoor enjoyment in early August when she was visiting from Nashville for a few weeks. We’d wanted to do some camping while she was here and I was finally able to simply take a day off work to accomplish the necessary freedom of time to spend some of it in the wilderness.

The afore-mentioned Tom happened to be camping that same weekend and invited us to enjoy with his crew what is quite possibly the most amazing camping spot I’ve ever seen. The view of the Hood River valley and Mt. Hood itself was amazing, and enjoying the weekend with friends and especially with Laura was perfect.

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Spring In Portland

Posted in life, outdoors, photography, portland by amoslanka on June 5, 2009

Sunnyside in Spring

This is only a fragment of the rebirth of Portland in the Spring. It was a marvel to live and witness this small corner of the world and its movement back into the greenness and the beautiful days it offers over the summer months. Spring has come and gone, but that growth and excitement carries enough intertia to bring this world around to attempt it all over again, less than a year from now.

That One Sunset That I Will Not Forget

Posted in landscape, life, outdoors, photography, travel by amoslanka on June 2, 2009

Blaine and I stood on a cliff overlooking the green sand beach near Southpoint, Hawaii, on the big island. Each of us taking photos of this and that, avoiding the driving wind and the sand it brought to our camera gear. The sun was making its way down the western sky, but it seemed an instant change when the entire valley on both sides of the cliff glowed with the pinks, oranges, and blues of an incredible sunset. Anyone who knows such a moment knows that these photos do it not justice, yet I still post them if for no other reason, to remember.

When sunset hits green sand beach. (more…)

Texans Can Look Tough On Occasion

Posted in friends, life, outdoors by amoslanka on May 20, 2009

We had some fun over the weekend near Scappoose, Oregon, as my friends Texan friends (who live here now) invited me up for the relaxing afternoon near the Columbia River. My Texan friend count seems to be expanding more and more, as they seem to be heavily recruiting more of their old college friends to follow them to the northwest. I can’t say I blame either party, however, and of course welcome any new friends, especially because I usually like Texans once they leave Texas. Thats a joke, of course. These are a few shots of Evan, as the afternoon included some dress-up time and ventures into the woods. A special thanks is due to Kyle, a very swell fellow who hauled his lighting gear all the way from Texas for some photographic fun and also loaned me his Canon 1D when my camera’s battery depleted. One last thing, I also took some engagement shots of Jon and Paige, friends who will be getting married on October 16 (the day before my birthday) but those photos won’t be released until they have had a chance to see them. In the meantime, please enjoy these of this 5 foot 4 inch tough guy:


A Year Later

Posted in family, friends, life, outdoors, photography by amoslanka on February 7, 2009

It has officially been a year since I moved to Oregon. I can’t think of a more beautiful or more up-and-down year I’ve had, and perhaps those characteristics are correlated. I’ve been thinking very much about days past, remembering old friends, old loves, and trying to imagine how on earth I’ve been lucky enough to arrive here where I am with what I have.


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Reunited, Part 2, And Also, I Need To Come Here More Often

Posted in family, friends, outdoors, photography, travel by amoslanka on November 30, 2008


Just before Roxie (the dog) sneezed in my ear.


If you’re in the Silverlake area of LA and in the mood for some german food and ale, make sure you hit up a pub called the Red Lion. The food/beer is fantastic and the live music is even better. Daley calls the live jazz piano player very “pirate-esque”. Spent a lovely evening with Daley and Julie and the my awesome cousin Lindsey at the Red Lion, then retired to Julie’s house in Silverlake where we could light up some cigarillos and the new Black Gold tobacco I’d picked up that day for my pipe. That was last night, tonight Linds and I caught a Malibu ocean sunset and then hit up an improv comedy club called Upright Citizens Brigade with Lindsey’s bf Eric and a legendary old friend of mine, Adam Redding. The UCB is another place you’ve got to hit if you’re in the Hollywood area. Lots of laughs, and its home to some big names in improv comedy.



(Adam and I at the UCB studio.)

Young(s) In Portland

Posted in friends, outdoors, people, photography, portland by amoslanka on October 31, 2008

Evan and Leanna (brother and sister) are friends I met though a friend who recently moved to Portland. Last weekend, the weather in the northwest was just beautiful, so I called them up for a spur-of-the-moment trip to a park for some photos. I can’t really express how appreciative I am of having good friends to spend time with and take pictures of, (on occasion), and the day’s photos could hardly have turned out better. Enjoy, and see more on my flickr.

Leanna Young

Evan Young


Lately In Hood River

Posted in friends, life, outdoors, photography by amoslanka on October 16, 2008

A few photographs from the past week in Hood River, Oregon.

Columbia River Gorge


I Have My Vain Moments

Posted in friends, outdoors, photography, travel by amoslanka on October 6, 2008

A couple of the photos shot of me in California last month. The one at the bottom was shot by this marvelous friend

I guess sometimes I have to post pictures of myself and be that a narcissist.


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