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The Tone and Color of Autumn

Posted in 35mm, friends, music, photography by amoslanka on October 14, 2010

Michael Blake

Canon AE-1 35mm
Kodak Portra 400nc

Michael Blake and I have and will be working on some musical creations this Fall and Winter, I’m excited for where they may take us. We’ll do our best not so sound like singer/songwriters.

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Berlin to Brugge

Posted in medium format, music, photography, travel by amoslanka on October 12, 2010

In late September Laura and I were able to travel together back to Europe, this time to Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. The circumstance we found was an invitation to follow and shoot behind the scenes on the last leg of the European tour consisting of Mumford & Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Nathaniel Rateliff, and we would have been able to travel longer had it not been for the wedding shoot in Wisconsin that had already been booked for a year or two.

Jumping back into European traveling mode only six months after our last trip was rather easy and automatic, though I hadn’t planned on making it back overseas so soon. We were rushed, of course, in getting to Amsterdam as soon as possible in order to catch up with the sequence of the final three shows of the tour, Cologne, Germany, Berlin, and Brussels Belgium. This time we wouldn’t be spending the majority of the time with only each other as we did last year. Instead, Odessa Jorgensen and Gill Landry, close friends of Laura’s would be doing much of the traveling along side us.

This time around we weren’t able to write the daily blog posts as we did last May, but we were able to do as much shooting. I’ve yet to finish getting my photos from the first trip processed and scanned due to a busy summer, but this time a round its actually been much quicker. Here are a few I shot of Laura and Odessa in Brugge and Berlin, respectively:

Laura Elizabeth Dart

Odessa Rose Jorgenson

Hasselblad 500c/m
Kodak Portra 400nc

I’ll have more to share soon, including some of the concert and behind the scenes photos, though the best of those will be held until November for publication in print. If such things interests you, please keep track of Drt & Ink, my collaboration with Laura at our new site, and the blog at

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Elvis Perkins in [Dear]Portland

Posted in life, music by amoslanka on August 6, 2009

Today my heart lept when I found Elvis Perkins‘ tour schedule to have been altered to include a Portland date. I thought for a moment I’d miss it because I’ve already booked a flight to Denver for a weekend camping trip tradition with my brother and friends, but found in a fortuitous alignment of schedule that I’d booked the ticket for Friday morning instead of Thursday night like I typically would. Mr. Perkins plays Thursday, September 3rd at the Doug Fir, I hope to see you there.

PS. If you’re in the Portland area, another night I’m looking forward to is October 14th: M. Ward, Conor Oberst, and Jim James.

Music That Moves Me, Vol. 3

Posted in life, music by amoslanka on March 9, 2009

Caught Mr. M.Ward tonight in Portland on his last stop of his latest tour, ending here in his home town. I felt as though I were in a fairy tale for the entire show. I can’t say enough to do the man justice, so all I can do is say thank you, Mr. Ward.

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Amos Moses

Posted in music, video by amoslanka on January 24, 2009

This would make my mystery texter happy.

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Posted in art, music, photography by amoslanka on January 24, 2009


Portland, OR, 11.26.09

God, Give Us Love In The Time That We Have

Posted in music, poetry by amoslanka on January 18, 2009

Its not likely that many of you out there haven’t heard this song, but its lyrics are worth posting nonetheless. Samuel Beam’s imagery and conscience are about as penetrating as they come. 

God, there is gold hidden deep in the ground
God, there’s a hangman that wants to come around

How we rise when we’re born
Like the ravens in the corn
On their wings, on our knees
Crawling careless from the sea

God, there are guns growing out of our bones
God, every road takes us farther from home

All these men that you’ve made
How we wither in the shade
Of your trees, on your wings
We are carried to the sea

God, give us love in the time that we have 

– Iron and WineOn Your Wings

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Posted in music, poetry by amoslanka on January 5, 2009

I’m out at sea for seven years 
I got your letter in Tangier 
I thought that I’d been on a boat 
Till that single word you wrote 
That single word it landlocked me 
Turned the masts to cedar trees 
And the winds to gravel roads 

Josh Ritter, Idaho


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You See Love Is A Drink

Posted in music, poetry, quotes by amoslanka on December 5, 2008

I’m finally getting around to listening to Copeland’s new album, and am finding it as magical as their previous work. I wasn’t a fan of their last release, thinking it too poppy, but I’m rather taken aback with this album’s return to the brilliance I’ve always loved them for. Soft sythetic keys, unique fuzz melodies, and frail harmonies rivaling the genius of Eisley..

These lines are from the song The Day I Lost My Voice

You see love is a drink 
That goes straight to my head
And time is a lover 
And I’m caught in her stead
And the sentiment there follows me
Straight to my bed through the night

For a moment I was warm and the world made sense
For a moment here this storm had no consequence

From What Do I Know

It’s brittle and it trembles as the wind is coming toward,
And if you string it up it dries right out with time.
So raise your glass to that new dollar,
In the bank we’re reaching for.
But the drink was sweeter before we had a dime.

From Should You Return

You see the night is all I have to make me feel,
And all I want is just a love to make it hurt.
Cause all I need is something fine to make me lose.
Now it’s a funny way I find myself with you.

This Is For Parker

Posted in music, video by amoslanka on November 5, 2008

I’m anxious for your return, my friend.

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