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Oregon Coast, February 2010


Andrew Stonestreet

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Its fall again. I seem to have been seeing this guy every September for the last few years, and we always come away with some great photos. Last year we met up in Felton, CA, this year Andrew spent a few weeks with us here in Portland.

Andrew Stonestreet

Andrew Stonestreet

Kingsley Althoff

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Greg Althoff

On a sunny day in Portland, August, 2009

more. more. more.

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

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Hasselblad 500c/m
Cannon Beach, Oregon, March 2009

Hood River Orchards

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Hood River Orchards

Hasselblad 500c/m

Cannon Beach Panoramic

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Cannon Beach, Oregon
March, 2009

Cannon Beach

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I’ve uploaded a group of photos from trips last March to Cannon and other beaches on the Oregon coast. The photos are all the medium format prints I’ve finally gotten around to scanning, some from a holga, others from the Hasselblad. See more of them at my flickr.

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Jannelle Althoff

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Janelle Althoff

A beautiful soul who we were fortunate to spend some time with last week/weekend. This photo happened at Cannon Beach, Oregon. We all wish the Althoffs would return to the NW.

Elvis Perkins in [Dear]Portland

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Today my heart lept when I found Elvis Perkins‘ tour schedule to have been altered to include a Portland date. I thought for a moment I’d miss it because I’ve already booked a flight to Denver for a weekend camping trip tradition with my brother and friends, but found in a fortuitous alignment of schedule that I’d booked the ticket for Friday morning instead of Thursday night like I typically would. Mr. Perkins plays Thursday, September 3rd at the Doug Fir, I hope to see you there.

PS. If you’re in the Portland area, another night I’m looking forward to is October 14th: M. Ward, Conor Oberst, and Jim James.

Welcome Home To Portland

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I returned last night from a week long trip to the (magical) lands of Nashville and Atlanta. Oh friends, so many stories to share. All in due time. My friend Dustin posted this on his blog, a truly Portland-esque find. Its nice to return and be reminded why I love this city.