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Too Many Options

Posted in 35mm, photography by amoslanka on October 13, 2010

I found an old gentleman here in Portland via Craigslist who has been collecting old film cameras, particularly 60’s and 70’s and 80’s era Canon and Nikon 35mms, for what seems to be a half a century. In his own words, he’s thinning out his inventory, which in effect is a ridiculous number of cameras, because my midday visit to his “warehouse” left me speechless at the hundreds of cameras he has on tables, couches, in boxes, and in hidden places in order to keep himself from being tempted to sell everything.

My void of words was well filled by Harold’s over abundance of words, and I enjoyed an extended lunch break packed as full as it could get with every bit of information that exists on the topic of the era and style of cameras I was there to inquire about. Harold seems to know more about the brands and technology and intricacies of these cameras than the whole Internet.

I’m in the market lately for the father of professional Canon SLRs, so I’m looking for the right Canon F-1 to join my family, though I’m also open to the idea of the iconic Nikon F or the less-vintage Canon F-1n or EF. Too many options, and in reality, Harold didn’t make my search any easier because my visit to his home today put them all at my fingertips. I’ll figure it out soon enough, however. Enjoy this eyecandy:


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6. May 16th. Sunday

Posted in life, photography, travel by amoslanka on May 16, 2010


A lazy Sunday morning in Paris. Sitting on a balcony with the Eiffel Tower in view, sipping a strong cup of Craig’s coffee, eating a baguette with Nutella and reflecting on the past three days. Paris has been a whirlwind of sights and sounds. Some highlights include: our wonderful accommodations at Craig and Lora Burnett’s flat, their chihuahua, Twig, waking up every morning with a view of the Eiffel Tower, expensive cappuccinos at street cafes with Amos (all the chairs face the street for people watching), shopping for shoes, exploring the streets with a baguette in hand, and sharing all this with Amos. He has been teaching me a lot about photography, a little more each day. I feel so lucky to be able to watch him as he captures the epic scenes of these cities with his Hasselblad and Canon AE-1, cameras that mesmerize me with their beauty. Traveling with such a talented artist is quite amazing.

A quick recap of yesterday, my favorite day in Paris. We were planning on catching a train to Seville, Spain but booked a train too late. Tickets were purchased for a Sunday evening train to Barcelona instead, and we had another two days to spend in Paris. This happened to be the best day yet for me, as we were able to see a more quaint and artistic part of the city. A morning market meal of Nutella and banana crepes and a metro ride to a street filled with antiques. The Burnetts spent the day with us and it was wonderful to share conversation and coffee with them as we discovered treasures together. There were several vendors with items that reflected an aesthetic that both Amos and I share. I love to find these items with him because his eye is attuned to the unique and vintage. He found a French typewriter and we debated for about twenty minutes as to whether we could actually put it in our luggage. Of course the answer was yes, and Amos has yet another typewriter to add to his growing collection. For me, the prized item was a worn leather wallet, found by Amos and desired by me to compete my year-long search for a worthy wallet. The rest of the day was spent in the many amazing shops that sold separate items in each: bread, cheese, meat, fruit, flowers, fish. I adored this way of shopping, stopping in each small store to buy a piece of the meal. I purchased to best brie I have ever tasted and it made the rest of the afternoon euphoric. Amos and I also stopped at a unique sushi restaurant with beautifully photographed menus, something we would like to see more of in America.

Back to the present moment: Amos is sitting across from me writing and Twig is on his lap in the sun. We will set out for Spain in this evening.